Insurance as Risk Management Tool

Insurance is about managing and reducing the risk that serious illness, injury or death can impose on the individual and family unit. Insurance isn’t the sexiest topic in financial planning and is often overlooked. It shouldn’t be. It should be is the cornerstone of any investment strategy and managed like any other part of your personal situation.

At its heart it involves taking measures to make sure that the “rainy day" isn’t compounded by not having a back-up plan in place. Statistically most people’s finances will not protect them if they are unable to work for a considerable period of time. We need insurance the most when the children are young, the debt levels are high and when every dollar earned counts the most. In other words when we can least afford it!

Considering the general population’s debt levels and other financial commitments risk management is imperative. While planning for bad news is not something any of us enjoys, having proper policies in place is a necessary part of protecting our families and our finances.

Endgame will assess your current level of cover, help you evaluate how much insurance cover you actually need and then advise you on the amount and type of cover you need and where to hold it (personally or in superannuation).

Endgame deals with all the major insurers and can formulate a package that encompasses Income Protection, Trauma and Critical Illness Cover, Life insurance and Total and Permanent Disability.