Endgame Advice is flexible enough to offer a range of services. Some may need a simple financial check up to see if they are on track or help with a certain matter while others may need more comprehensive advice over a range of issues.

Generally advice will be delivered via a written Statement of Advice. The Statement of Advice will be as basic or as comprehensive as the situation dictates. Its cost will be dependent on how much time and effort is required to prepare the advice document. If a Statement of Advice is not required an hourly rate may be applied.

Mission statement

Our mission is to understand a client’s needs, to speak to them in a way they can understand, to educate and advise them on their investment options and ultimately to help them implement strategies to meet their life’s ambitions. We believe the experience should be rewarding for both client and adviser. 

Endgame Advice will endeavor to;

Treat you like the unique individual you are with your own goals, expectations, needs and drives.

Take the time to really understand your personal situation and what you require.

Tailor advice to meet these needs or, if unable to, recommend somebody who can.

Be flexible in the scope of advice we offer.

Provide a personalised financial strategy in the form of a statement of advice written in response to your personal situation.

Explain the risks of any strategy recommended.

Regularly review what we have implemented.

Provide regular communications in the form of newsletters and other updates on topics that may affect you or that an investor may find interesting.

Take your phone call.

Reply to your call in a timely manner.